Transforming the “Garden State” into the “Digital State”

Although the increased prevalence of cloud-based software during the past decade has created the potential for “seamless online collaboration” among local governments, NJ counties and municipalities have so far failed to take advantage of this opportunity. Now a company called SeamlessDocs, which is already significantly improving the ability of local governments to interact with citizens and vendors, is in a… Read More »

Resolving Disputed Assessments Online – Notes and Links

Below is supplemental information for attendees of my “Resolving Disputed Assessments Online” presentation at the IAAO Conference in Las Vegas on 9/27/17.  This material applies to the first half of the session, in which I spoke about the study of online appeals that I recently completed with Richard Sanderson.  Many thanks to Roland Altinger and Keith Bethel of… Read More »

Looking for Updated Information Regarding Online Assessment Appeal Systems

I completed a project earlier this year, in collaboration with Richard L. Sanderson, in which we studied online assessment appeal systems.  In the course of this study, which was funded by the IAAO through a Friends of the Paul V. Corusy Library Trust grant, we developed a list of jurisdictions that had implemented online appeal systems as of 12/31/15.… Read More »

Feedback Needed From Texas Appraisal Districts About State Requirement to Allow Online Protests

As part of our IAAO funded study of online assessment appeal systems, we’re looking at the impact of legislation in Texas that required appraisal districts to allow certain taxpayers to file online protests. Although this requirement initially applied to only large jurisdictions, it has been significantly expanded and nearly every Texas appraisal district now offers this option. Based… Read More »

Property Assessors and Tax Reps Have a Common Cause: Join Us

This post is by guest author Richard L. Sanderson. Richard has been blogging about property assessments since 2007.  Original content created by Richard has been published by the International Association of Assessing Officers, several state assessor organizations, Appraisers Blogs, and Appraisal Scoop.  He has been quoted or mentioned in more than a dozen traditional newspapers during his career, including the… Read More »

How have online appeals impacted property tax agents and taxpayers?

If you’re a property tax agent, a high volume appeal filer, or just an ordinary taxpayer, we would like to know how online appeals have impacted you.  As part of our IAAO study of online assessment appeal systems, we’re interested in gaining insight into what tax agents and taxpayers think of emerging technology that enables disputed assessments to… Read More »

Tax Assessors – How have online appeals impacted you?

Are you a tax assessor in a jurisdiction that has implemented online appeals?  As part of our IAAO study of online assessment appeal systems, we would like to hear from you.  We’ve already collected extensive data from those responsible for developing and implementing OAA systems, and we’re now reaching out to “end users” of this technology.  Have online… Read More »

Please Participate in Our Online Assessment Appeal Jurisdiction Survey

We are currently gathering data about online assessment appeal (OAA) systems as part of a study funded by the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) Library Trust Committee.  If you work for a property tax jurisdiction that has implemented an online assessment appeal system, please help us learn about your experiences by competing the online survey at the following… Read More »

Mobility Without Connectivity; Tools for Tablet-Based Assessing

Even though I’ve been aware that some real estate appraisers have been using tablet computers to help with their property inspections, I hadn’t thought too much about how mobile devices could impact our tax assessment office.  I’ve been using a measuring tape and taking notes on a clipboard for more than 30 years now, and the prospect of learning… Read More »

Efficient Property Tax Administration Requires Recognition That a Taxpayer vs Government Approach Will Not Solve a Taxpayer vs Taxpayer Problem

Today’s property tax administration systems are based on an archaic “taxpayer vs government” approach that requires every disputed assessment to be individually resolved by local governments.  They are rooted in an era before the internet and even before computers were available, when instant interaction among thousands of people would have been inconceivable.  However, readily available technology that has… Read More »